Shit LabourEdit

The Labour Party has some good people in it who do their best to help the people in their community.

There are also some pricks in it.

Why not find out about some of them in our List of CLPs?

Those who amble the wilds, anchored to no one place, spreading garbage where ever they please,might also be found in Miscellaneous.

About Edit

While contributions are welcome and encouraged, it should be noted that the site itself is not intended to be a reliable source of first hand information. Treat it more like a hub, directing you further afield to learn more about people within the party.

It should also be stressed that harassment and abuse are absolutely condoned by the administrators of this page. Misogyny, racism (including anti-semitism), homophobia, transphobia and ableism are all vile prejudices perpetuated by people through all levels of society. You are well within your rights to challenge individuals listed here on information you believe compromises their integrity, but you can and absolutely should do this without the use of death or rape threats.

Sometimes, though, if a man's a bellend, a man's a bellend, and you gotta tell the man he's a bellend.

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